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Palouse Threshing Bee: Threshing Wheat in Washington's Palouse, Using Draft Horses, Mules, and Steam Power

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Each year, the Palouse Empire Threshing Association holds an old-fashioned wheat  threshing bee in Colfax, Washington - the heart of the Palouse.
Using only authentic, original equipment and draft animals, the public is treated to a day of living history, featuring the majesty of draft horses and mules.. 
You'll see and learn about: The Push Header powered by 6 draft mules; The Header Wagons pulled by magnificent teams of draft mules and horses; The Derrick Table unloading the wheat, using its unique system of mule-powered nets and cables; The Stationary Separator; (A pre-cursor of the modern “Combine”, the stationary separator uses a “Rube Goldberg” system of belts, pulleys, and compression to separate the wheat grains from the chaff. The Stationary Separator is powered by The Case Steam Engine lovingly maintained by volunteers.
Narrated  by members of the Palouse Empire Threshing Association of Colfax, Washington
Copyright 2012 Video Mike Productions, all rights reserved
Filmed, Edited, and Produced by Mike “Video Mike” Kerson,
Music by John Reischman
Running Time: 41 Minutes
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