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Horse-Drawn Loose Haying at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site in Deer Lodge, Montana

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If you love Draft Horses, if you love History,  if you love the American West... This video is for you!!

Step back in time, and see how the hardy ranchers of Beaverhead County, Montana, put up hay for the winter, using draft horse power and a unique device known as the "Beaver Slide" (the complete name is "Beaverhead County Sliding Stacker")

Modern teamsters and history buffs re-enact old-fashioned haying time using all authentic tools and machinery.

This video was produced at Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site, with the participation and cooperation of the National Park Service.

The Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site is dedicated to preserving the Open Range Ranching story and the development of ranching traditions in the American West.

Includes beautiful music by Dave Stamey

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