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Jerry Tindell: Starting Over with Rachel, the Troubled Mule

$ 35.00

Rachel came to trainer Jerry Tindell as a "Rescue" with every problem known to mules: She bolted, she spooked, she kicked and bucked, she reared up and pulled back, she would not lead, would allow her feet to be handled, and she knew one speed: FAST. This 2-DVD set shows the first 3 hours in real time of Mule Master Jerry Tindell working with this very troubled mule. The changes are amazing. This is the kind of video you can watch over and over, learning something new with each viewing.


This Video is a Must-See for:

  • All Mule and Horse Owners and/or Trainers who want to learn more about developing softness and willingness

  • Owners, Adopters, and "Rescuers" of  troubled Mules or Horses, as well as  Wild or Unhandled Mules and Mustangs

  • Horse & Mule Trainers who want to study with a Master

  • For people who are serious about learning "Natural" Pressure and Release techniques, this is your primer!

    Everything is in this movie:

    • PRESSURE & release

    • recognizing the try

    • catching

    • leading

    • round pen CONNECTION

    • ground work

    • getting ready to ride

    • "first" ride

    • feet handling


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