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KItty Lauman: From Wild To Willing

$ 40.00

From Wild To Willing

Join Kitty at the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse & Burro Corrals in Hines, Oregon, where she picks up two newly-captured wild horses.

Once transported back to the Lauman Training Ranch, we'll watch Kitty as she works with them for the first 3 days. She beings by showing us how she uses the Bamboo Pole, or "Fiddler's Technique" to establish first contact with the horse. She then teaches how to transition to rope and halter work. Each horse represents a different type of horse with its own unique mindset. Kitty explains how she adapts her program to fit each individual horse.

Many people, including Extreme Mustang Makeover competitors, have successfully trained their own wild horse after seeing this DVD!

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